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Recruitment through student ambassadors

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A new programme at TU Delft, organised jointly by Marketing and Communications and the Delft International Student Society (DISS), is sending university ambassadors out into the world to help recruit new students.

The programme uses current TU Delft students, recruited from the various international student societies at the university, who act as ambassadors to their home countries. When students return home, they are encouraged to organise events through their alma maters. These events are geared at prospective and admitted students, though alumni are often invited as well. Students also answer questions from their compatriots via email and Facebook year round.

The programme arose out of a multifaceted need. The university is positioning itself to be a top international university and wants to recruit top talent from all over the world. Despite its academic and research prowess, the university lacks the name recognition of universities in the United States or England. Further, once students are admitted, they may not know much about life in the Netherlands.

“We inform prospective students as best we can,” says Janneke Hermans, marketer and one of the organisers of the program. “But,” continues Ran Qedar, former chairperson of DISS and ambassador to Israel, “students are better able to anticipate the needs of other students.” Students have questions ranging from what clothes to bring to what cost of living is. George Xexakis, ambassador to Greece, admits that he is frequently asked how often it rains in Delft.

Currently there are 30 ambassadors representing many of TU Delft’s biggest national constituencies.

At #OMHE, some of the student ambassadors will explain about the program and answer questions.

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Author: RobSpeekenbrink

Founder / Director NosCura, Founder/Licensee TEDxDelft, TEDx Ambassador Europe. Consultant Online Media / online marketeer for TU Delft University of Technology

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