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TU Delft on Sina Weibo

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TU Delft is active on the Chinese social platform Sina Weibo and recently broke the 5000 followers barrier. The two Chinese students who run the University Sina Weibo account Cheng Zhong and Di Fang will go in to detail about:

  • What the differences are between Weibo and Facebook/Twitter
  • Why TU Delft is on Sina Weibo
  • How the account is set up and maintained
  • How much work it is to be on Sina Weibo for a university
  • What works on Weibo and what does not
  • Some examples of conversations
  • What is allowed and what is not
  • Some stats about the account
  • Insights on the impact of TU Delft on Sina Weibo



Author: RobSpeekenbrink

Founder / Director NosCura, Founder/Licensee TEDxDelft, TEDx Ambassador Europe. Consultant Online Media / online marketeer for TU Delft University of Technology

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