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Buddy Talk:  an online language platform for students

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Students come up against a language barrier when they go abroad to study, and even more so if they want to work abroad.  Buddy Talk is an alternative to an expensive language course. It’s a system where international and Dutch students can indicate which languages they speak and which languages they would like to learn, and they are then linked to a language buddy.  The platform will be launched at the end of 2015.

Buddy Talk is the brainchild of Leiden University alumni Kim-Lan Jong Baw (HRM, Leiden University) en Qing-yi Fan (International Office, TU Delft). Last November they won the Van Bergen Prize with this new idea aimed at promoting internationalisation and diversity.

Qing-yi Fan en Kim-Lan Jong Baw

Qing-yi Fan en Kim-Lan Jong Baw


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