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Slides: MOOCs, the largest international classroom

Prof. Richard Griffiths spoke about his experiences with a large online international classroom in his MOOC ‘Configuring the World’. His presentation is available online here: MOOCs


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Slides: Buddy talk

Kim-Lan Jong Baw and Qing-yi Fan want to match students who want to learn Dutch to students who want to teach Dutch. In their workshop they discussed several questions they came across while making their plans. If you can help them with tips or answers to their Buddy Talk presentation, don’t hesitate to contact them.

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MOOCs: the largest international classroom

Massive Open Online Courses are one big international classroom, and teachers reach a larger audience worldwide than could ever be possible on campus. What are the challenges and benefits of communicating with a classroom you only meet online? How does the diversity of cultures influence your teaching and the interaction between students? In this unconference style workshop Professor Richard Griffiths shares how he experienced teaching such a large and diverse audience and is open to all your questions.



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Reaching international students through online campaigns

As universities reach out more and more to prospective students abroad, there is a growing need for knowledge about international online campaigns. What lessons can universities learn from retail businesses with years of experience in worldwide advertising? Daniel Markus, managing partner of online marketing agency ClickValue offers insights and advice in this workshop.

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Buddy Talk:  an online language platform for students

Students come up against a language barrier when they go abroad to study, and even more so if they want to work abroad.  Buddy Talk is an alternative to an expensive language course. It’s a system where international and Dutch students can indicate which languages they speak and which languages they would like to learn, and they are then linked to a language buddy.  The platform will be launched at the end of 2015.

Buddy Talk is the brainchild of Leiden University alumni Kim-Lan Jong Baw (HRM, Leiden University) en Qing-yi Fan (International Office, TU Delft). Last November they won the Van Bergen Prize with this new idea aimed at promoting internationalisation and diversity.

Qing-yi Fan en Kim-Lan Jong Baw

Qing-yi Fan en Kim-Lan Jong Baw

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OMHE 2015: Online Media in Higher Education: Internationalisation

Dutch universities are getting more and more international. We attract students from all over the world and are in constant online contact with them. How can we reach these students, what are specific issues when it comes to interaction with students with a different cultural background?

At the mini congress Online Media in Higher Education we address these issues, exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Please join us on Monday 13 April, 13.00-17.00 hrs for talks and informal inconference sessions. All talks are in English. The entrance is free but please register.

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Keynote: Janine Kiers en Marja Verstelle

De virtuele collegezaal: een blik op de toekomst?

Sprekers: Marja Verstelle (LEI) en Janine Kiers (TUD)

Online onderwijs heeft de toekomst, maar in welke vorm? Wat worden onderwijsinstellingen wijzer van het gratis aanbieden van onderwijs, en wat is een MOOC certificaat waard? Betekent dit het einde van de offline collegezaal? De TUDelft en de Universiteit Leiden bieden sinds enige tijd Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) aan en zullen tijdens de keynote hun ervaringen delen.

Tijdens de daaropvolgende unconference sessie kunnen jullie je vragen aan hen stellen en met elkaar in gesprek gaan over de voors en tegens van online onderwijs.

Janine Kiers      Marja verstelle

Janine Kiers                                                  Marja Verstelle

IMAG0578 IMAG0580