Online Media Higher Education – OMHE

Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Keynote – Are there guidelines for international communication?

Globalization keeps speeding up and civilzations are getting closer and closer. In an online world where cultures try to exchange, are there guidelines for international communication? We will review what works and what doesn’t to make intercultural communication smoother and avoid micro-clashes of civilizations.

Dr. Etienne Augé is senior lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a very international background. His areas of research are: Propaganda, Public relations, Public diplomacy, Cultural diplomacy, Film studies, the Middle East. He trains Dutch and foreign diplomats in Public relations and Public diplomacy at the Clingendael Academy in The Hague.

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Keynote – All eyes on China: How to successfully promote your university online in China

China is becoming increasingly important for universities and they welcome more Chinese students every year. What do you need to know about the online landscape in China? Who are the big players? Which are leading examples? And maybe most important: What is the best way to reach Chinese students? Thijs van der Toom, partner at online marketing agency NextportChina, will guide us through China’s online reality.

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Congres Online Media Hoger Onderwijs 2014 (#OMHO) – Pay or fail?

Op dinsdag 17 juni verzamelden een kleine 100 deelnemers zich op het Congres Online Media Hoger Onderwijs op de TU Delft. Dit congres werd voor de 2e keer georganiseerd dankzij samenwerking tussen de Universiteit Leiden, TU Delft en Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Het was gericht op alle medewerkers in het hoger onderwijs die met online media werken. Continue reading