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Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Slides: Building relationships with online students and online alumni

Daniel Agmon (Delft University of Technology) did a presentation on building relationships with online students and online alumni. You can find his presentation here: OMHO 2015 Online Education


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Slides: International benchmark

Thanks for attending the presentation on how universities from all over the world tweeted in 2014. Levi Witbaard from OBI4Wan showed us metrics and graphs and shared some insights. We will publish the results soon but if you want a copy of the report, just send us an email (

Here’s his presentation and the report (Dutch)

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International benchmark

TU Delft wanted to know how good (or not) their social media channels are, compared to other international institutes. The result is a benchmark of the quality of – mainly Twitter – conversations. Which questions are asked? What is the quality of the answer? What makes people engage more with the university? How pleased are people with the online service?

If you want to find out how TU Delft did or if you want to find out if your university is in the international top 10, attend this session.

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Keynote – Are there guidelines for international communication?

Globalization keeps speeding up and civilzations are getting closer and closer. In an online world where cultures try to exchange, are there guidelines for international communication? We will review what works and what doesn’t to make intercultural communication smoother and avoid micro-clashes of civilizations.

Dr. Etienne Augé is senior lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a very international background. His areas of research are: Propaganda, Public relations, Public diplomacy, Cultural diplomacy, Film studies, the Middle East. He trains Dutch and foreign diplomats in Public relations and Public diplomacy at the Clingendael Academy in The Hague.

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Online Education: The Online Students and Online Alumni

How can a university build and maintain a relationship with a student that was never on-campus? TU Delft will share some of its lessons of one year experience of MOOCs and online courses.
Some topics we will touch upon:

  • The MOOC – a relationship builder or a short-lived connection?
  • Communication approach during the MOOC.
  • Should we at all stay in touch after the MOOC is over, and how to do that?
  • The working professionals, and their needs.
  • Going through this paradigm shift inside the university.

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MOOCs: the largest international classroom

Massive Open Online Courses are one big international classroom, and teachers reach a larger audience worldwide than could ever be possible on campus. What are the challenges and benefits of communicating with a classroom you only meet online? How does the diversity of cultures influence your teaching and the interaction between students? In this unconference style workshop Professor Richard Griffiths shares how he experienced teaching such a large and diverse audience and is open to all your questions.



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Reaching international students through online campaigns

As universities reach out more and more to prospective students abroad, there is a growing need for knowledge about international online campaigns. What lessons can universities learn from retail businesses with years of experience in worldwide advertising? Daniel Markus, managing partner of online marketing agency ClickValue offers insights and advice in this workshop.